Little boy and preschool children playing instruments in music class

Group Classes for Children

About our Remote Classes

We will be rolling out new classes for beginners in early February. As always, we group children of similar ages and levels together; but this spring the classes will be super small, with only two or three students. This means that your child can enjoy the virtual company of their peers over Zoom but still get a lot of individualized attention from their teacher! When we're not using our fingers to play piano, we're crossing them in the hopes that we'll be able to resume small in-person classes later this spring!

About Our Return to In-Person Classes

We are so excited about our successful transition back to in-person classes! There's nothing like making music together in the same room! This fall we will be offering beginning and continuing classes with a maximum class size of seven students. This means that your child can enjoy the fun of a group class but still get a lot of individualized attention from their teacher! Learn more about what we're doing at The Music Room to stay safe as we emerge from the pandemic.

Scheduling Options

We're still working on the fall schedule, so let us know your availability by filling out our survey. We'll keep you posted about any classes that might work for you!


The Music Room offers fun and friendly group piano classes using the Harmony Road Method, a dynamic and effective curriculum that develops total musicianship through a variety of engaging class activities.


  • Keyboard playing

  • Singing and solfege

  • Ear training

  • Music theory

  • Rhythm instruments

  • Note reading and writing

  • Beginning composition


  • Fun recitals for ages 4½ and up

  • Classes meet once weekly

  • Class size limited to eight children

  • No musical experience necessary

  • Parent/caregiver participation optimizes in-class learning

  • Age-based curriculum flow

Piano with yellow paint splashed on the keys

Ages 4½ to 6

These classes focus on the fundamentals of music: keyboard playing, singing and solfege, reading in treble and bass clefs, and rhythm comprehension. Students also participate in our school-wide recital at the end of the semester! Sessions consist of 15 or 16 classes meeting once a week for 55 minutes. Parent participation is required.

Fall 2022 Classes

Weekday TBA, Sept. 12 – Jan. 26

Saturday mornings, Sept. 10 – Jan. 21

With a recital on Saturday, January 28!

Piano with rainbow colored keys

Ages 3 to 4½

The Music in Me

These classes are a fun introduction to piano, solfege, rhythm, and note-reading. We'll be singing songs and solfege, playing our first notes on the piano, reading notes on the musical staff, and playing basic rhythms on all kinds of fun instruments. Sessions consist of six or seven 45-minute classes. Parent participation is required.

Fall 2022 Classes

Saturday or Sunday mornings, times TBA

Session 1: Sept. 17/18 – Oct. 29/30

Session 2: Nov. 5/6 – Dec. 17/18

Piano with torn pieces of rainbow colored paper laid on the keys

Continuing Students

Classes for Continuing Students

These classes are for students who have completed previous Harmony Road levels. If your child has some experience with piano and you'd like to join one of these continuing classes, contact us to arrange an assessment.

Fall 2022 Classes

Levels 2 through 4, days and times TBA

Advanced Group Piano, weekday TBA

Piano with torn pieces of sheet music sprinkled on the keys

Ages 6 and up

Classes for Older Students

We regularly offer classes for students aged 6 to 7 and 8 to 10, but only when there is sufficient demand for these age groups. Please contact us if you are interested in a class for older beginning or intermediate students.

Harmony Road Level 2, Wednesdays at 3:30

Harmony Road Level 2, Saturdays at 10:45

Harmony Road Level 3, Mondays at 5:00

Harmony Road Level 4, Tuesdays at 4:30

Young Musician Level 2, Wednesdays at 1:00

Keyboard Musician Level 1, Saturday mornings (time TBD)

Keyboard Musician Level 2, Thursdays at 5:15

Keyboard Musician Mixed LevelTuesdays at 3:30

Orange tilted treble clef