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I would definitely call Miss Jessica from The Music Room the Mary Poppins of piano. She is lovely and her patience is astounding.

Rachel, 6yo son


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about miss jessica

Miss Jessica is a dedicated teacher with a wide range of experience in the performing arts. Motivated by her love of teaching, her enthusiasm for the Harmony Road Method, and her passion for sharing music with children, she opened The Music Room in 2012. She is a certified Harmony Road instructor with fifteen years of experience teaching group piano classes. Between 2001 and 2005, she taught the Harmony Road method at the Piedmont Piano Company's music school in Oakland. Prior to becoming a Harmony Road instructor, she taught music and drama to children for several years, mostly at summer camps, including the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts in Southern California and the New Conservatory Children's Theatre in San Francisco. Jessica was also an actor for many years and performed with numerous theatre companies, including Berkeley Repertory Theatre, TheatreWorks, Seattle Repertory Theatre, The Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, and Impact Theatre in Berkeley. She earned a bachelor's degree with honors in music from Brown University and currently sings with the San Francisco Choral Society. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, two teenage sons, and a very energetic yellow lab.

Portrait of teacher Miss Jessica smiling
Piano keys with torn bits of sheet music sprinkled around

about mr. kevin

Mr. Kevin is an accomplished pianist and a kind and patient teacher. Originally from Oklahoma, he won several awards in his youth and even performed with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic! He earned his Master's Degree at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and his undergraduate degree in Piano Performance from Northwestern University. He is currently a rehearsal pianist for the San Francisco Girls Chorus.

about mr. christian

Mr. Christian is a pianist and music teacher who recently graduated from San Jose State University as a piano performance major. As a child, he was surrounded by piano and choral music, and he learned to play piano alongside his five older siblings. He credits much of his current musical ability to this early exposure. As a teacher, Christian enjoys helping students to truly create music and not just play the notes. He guides his students to create a story behind the music they play, and then works with them to add details that make those stories come to life. He also likes to use games and fun exercises to impart musical knowledge that will help students grow as musicians. Christian currently spends a lot of time studying and practicing piano, and in his free time, he enjoys going to concerts, visiting museums, and watching movies. 

Portrait of teacher Christian smiling

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