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Closeup of young child's hands playing piano

The Harmony Road Method


Harmony Road is a comprehensive music curriculum designed to teach children keyboard playing, solfege singing, rhythm comprehension, ear training, and music reading and writing skills. In-class activities are specifically designed with each age group in mind and are geared toward young learners.


Developed in 1981 by a piano teacher in Oregon, the Harmony Road Method is taught at music schools around the world and has a well-established, effective curriculum that offers total musicianship training.


Visit the Harmony Road website to find out more.

Parent Participation

All classes require parent or caregiver attendance. This ensures a positive and productive class environment and benefits student learning at home. You and your child don't need any prior musical skills or knowledge. And don't worry—the other parents in your class feel just as silly doing the Hokey Pokey as you do!

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