Miss Jessica

What People Are Saying
I would definitely call Miss Jessica from The Music Room the Mary Poppins of piano. She is lovely and her patience is astounding.
– Rachel, 6yo son
  Miss Jessica's class is awesome. My five-year-old is learning how to play piano in a very fun environment–and so am I! We both look forward to class each week.  – Anat, 5yo son
Miss Jessica is a wonderful teacher of piano. It's amazing how a room of young children pick up how to play and read music so quickly with her. My daughter has been loving her lessons with Miss Jessica.
– Josephine, 6yo daughter
  It is amazing to me how much my son learned in just one year and at such a young age.
– Susan, 4yo son
My son has had two lessons with Miss Jessica, and he played his first song on the piano yesterday! My son adores the class, and makes me read through his books with him all the time.  – Natalie, 3yo son  
  Miss Jessica somehow keeps the kids engaged the whole class – it's fascinating to watch.
– Rachel, 5yo son
Miss Jessica somehow manages to have
high expectations for her students yet teach them in a friendly way that the kids really respond to. Her recitals are also a wonderful way for the kids to display what they have learned. Low-key yet tremendously special at the same time.
– Laurel, 7yo son
  My son told me the other day how proud he was to know how to play a musical instrument. She really does a great job with these kids!  – Grant, 8yo son
My daughter went from hiding behind the pew during a recital to comfortably playing in front of a crowd (even voluntarily giving us a mini-concert during Christmas). All credits go to Miss Jessica: for her dedication, patience, and for creating a supportive and fun environment, which a child needs the most while learning his/her first instrument.  – Christine, 7yo daughter  

The fact that none of the kids had any trouble getting up at the recital and playing in front of a large audience is a testament to the great attitude Miss Jessica has when working with them. She provides such positive support while letting them know that mistakes will happen, that it's ok, and that they can move on. We feel so lucky to have found her!  – Kristy, 5yo daughter