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Fall Session
September 12, 2017, through January 17, 2018

The Music in Me: New Students
 Ages 3-4Tuesdays at 2:3045 min$180
The Music in Me: Continuing Students
 Ages 3-4Tuesdays at 2:3045 min$160
Harmony Road Level 1
 Ages 4.5-6.5Saturdays at 9:0055 min$395
Young Musician Level 1
 Ages 5-7Tuesdays at 3:3055 min$395
Harmony Road Level 2
 Ages 5-7Saturdays at 10:0055 min$395
FULL  Harmony Road Level 2/3
 Ages 5-7Wednesdays at 3:3055 min$395
Harmony Road Level 3
 Ages 5.5-7Saturdays at 11:0055 min$395
Keyboard Prep Level 3
 Ages 9-11Wednesdays at 4:3055 min$395
Advanced Keyboard 1
 Ages 7-10Tuesdays at 4:3055 min$395
No Selection
 Ages any$0

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